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Glass Printer
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The digital glass printer is a flatbed digital printer designed with printheads to jet UV curing inks directly onto the glass. The glass remains stationary while only the printer carriage sweeps across the print platform. A key feature of the printer is drop fixation in which ink droplets are dried immediately to prevent drop gain.  The curing of the UV ink enables a single pass of the print carriage even when printing multi layer and multi color files. The drop curing makes inline double vision printing possible. Double vision is creating a different  vision depending on which side of the glass is being viewed it is achieved by printing different graphics one on top of the other.

Our workflow is completely digitized, eliminating current limitations within screen printing and allowing full  manipulation of layer thickness and dot placement. Single or multicolor printing is possible in one or multiple passes, and custom ink options are available to simulate acid etching.

Glass Printer Is Specialized UV Printing Machine For industries, Commercial Purpose and Gifts, Crafts Processing.  It Adopts UV Curing Technology In Order That Users Directly Print Pictures On Glass Surface By Glass UV Flatbed Printer. It Can Keep Printing Effect Being Long Time brighter for Both Indoor And Outdoor. UV printing Glass Technology  is UV Curing Ink And Digital UV Printing Technology Perfectly Combined. Therefore, Digitally printed glass has transformed the creative possibilities for designers working with decorative or structural glass panels.

Nowadays, This Is A Time That Focuses On Personality and customized, so Glass Printer Has Prosperous Market. Personality  Glass Industry Has Extensive Market Prospect. If you catch this glass printing Business Opportunity, You Can get huge Treasure. Therefore, Glass UV Flatbed Printer Is Becoming More And More Fashionable And Popular in the printing  industry.

Speaking Of Glass, it will remind Us Of Our home and office. Now More And More People Are Pursuing Kind Of Perfect  Personalized Stuff. Naturally, It Is Obvious That A Piece Of Ordinary Glass Is Definitely Not Noticeable. Usually, Glass printing Manufacturers Will put A Layer Of Images By Screen Printing Or Heat Transfer Processing On The  Surface of glass In Order To Make Glass Itself More Colorful And Original. However, Even There Are Patterns On The Surface Of Glass, But The Color Of Patterns And Complicated Processing Are Still Big Problems That We Are Stuck  In. But Don’t Worry About It, Glass UV Flatbed Printer has come Out On The Market To Give Solutions for glass products digital UV printing.


1. New Glass Printers bring New Business And High Profit.

Glass UV Flatbed Printer Helps You Open Up New Markets. As The Society Is Rapidly Developing And New Things Are  Coming Out Faster, this Digital UV Printer Can Print On Any Materials to service for all Different Industry, Which Is Beyond People’s Imagining. And It Can Directly Print Embossing Effect And Also Can Print Normal Graphic  Printing Effect At The Same Time. Those Dual Technology Will Bring The Opportunity Of Wealth In The Market Of Graphic Printing, Which Application Is Commonly Used In Glass Sliding Door Printing Industry. At Present, The Products  Produced By Ordinary Processing Are Low-Level And Color Is Monotonous, The Technology Of Process Is Not good Enough As Well, The Quality Cannot Be Guaranteed And This Kind Of Products Cannot Meet The Demand Of Customers. So,  With The Emergence Of Glass UV Flatbed Printer, Which Changes The Situation Of Market At The Present And Causes Peak Season In The Application Of Glass printing Again. So You Will Seize The Opportunity Of Wealth Focusing On  The Field Of Glass printing And Glass Printer From now on. Now There Are Lots Of Industries That Are In State Of Downturn. If You Have Ideas In This Field And Know something of Glass UV Flatbed Printer, Then It Is A New Breakthrough  For You. We Believe If You Have Glass UV Flatbed Printer, Which Means You Own The Wealth. Let Glass Printer Create Glory For Your Business and Remake A New Start For Your Business.

2. High Quality UV Curing Ink And Glass UV Coating

Please Choose MT Specialized UV curing Ink, Which Strengthen Adhesive Force For Glass UV Printing. In General,  It Is Resistance Scratch Without Fade. It Can Print High Resolution With Small And Uniform Ink Dot, Which Makes Pictures Delicate And Color Bright. If Few Customers Have High Requirement For Adhesive Force, MT Will Also Provides  Specialized Glass UV Coating That Makes UV Ink Printing Firmer On The Glass surface!

3. Configurations And Function

Glass UV Flatbed Printer Is Practical Equipment, Which Is Widely Used In Various Fields, Which Adopts industry  grade Japanese Printheads Of Ricoh, Epson And Konica. Glass digital UV Printer Can Print Colorful Images And The Printing Speed Is Faster Than Traditional Glass Printing Method. Also It Adopts UV LED Lamp with water cooling  System. It can be curing Quickly While Printing. One More Important And Stronger Point Is That Glass Printer As A UV flatbed Printer Can Print On Any glass Materials. No Matter What Kind Of Colors You Need, No Matter How Fast  In Printing Speed You Need, You Can Print All Kinds Of Image Effects You Want As Long As Your glass Printing Material Are Flat, Which Gives More Solutions For glass printing to Different Industries!

4. Difference Between digital UV Glass Printing And Traditional Silk Screen Printing

Digital UV Glass Flatbed Printer Can 100% Instead Of Silk Screen Printing, Because it is Without Plate Making  Cost. Glass Printer Can Be Printed On All Kinds Of Glass Materials With Adhesive Strong Enough, Fast Delivery Time, Saves Labor Cost And Shortens Printing Process. Glass UV Flatbed Printer Can Solve The Problem Of Color Transition  Caused By Screen Printing Ensures No Printing Dot On The Output For Higher Performance. Glass UV Flatbed Printer Also Reached To Environmental Protection Requirement.

5. With glass as a printing medium, priceless photographs find a whole new look and one that lasts without fading

New formulations of tough, thin glass are proving to be the ideal surface for showcasing digital photographs.  Commercial photographers and amateur shutterbugs alike are scoring a triple play of advantages when they forgo traditional photographic papers and have their digital images printed on glass instead.

For starters, the ink-jet printing process is well-suited to use on new formulations of tough, thin specialty glass. The colorfast image is applied to the back of the durable frame with UV-cured inks, and the optical brilliance of glass makes colors sparkle – whether the vibrant turquoise of vacation seas or the demure pastels of  a bridal bouquet.

Second, the images have remarkable staying power. The non-porous surface of the glass means vivid colors don’t  fade or stain like paper-printed photos after prolonged exposure to light, high temperatures, and humidity. And because the image is actually printed on the back of the durable glass, it’s permanently protected from scratches  and abrasions.

Lastly, a photo printed on glass gives an entirely new experience to everyone admiring it. Because the glass substrate  is thin, lightweight, and durable with smooth edges, it’s easy to handle. The image seems to rise to the surface of the protective glass, and the smooth, silky surface invites touch. And there’s no need for a frame, so  the image becomes inherently more personal and relatable. The process of printing photos on glass is simple enough to be done cost-effectively and in large volume if needed.


1. How To Solve The Adhesion Problem?

The UV Ink Of glass Printer Can Be Printed On Any Surface. But Adhesion Strength On Different Materials Are Different.  For Example, Wooden Material, And Leather Material, Which Those Kinds Of Materials Are With Better Adhesion And Images Printing Cannot Easily Fade Away. But Like Glass, Crystal, Metal, Ceramic, Which Those Kinds Of Materials  Are With Relatively Large Density, Adhesion Of Images Printed By UV ink Are Little weak. If You Want To Make Printing Image Adhesion Stronger by glass Printer, You Can Increase Its Adhesion By Pre-Treatment. For Example, On  The Surface of glass Materials Can Be Coated By Professional Coating Before Printing By glass Printer, Which The Coating Definitely Increase The Effect Of Adhesion Strength. So Printing Image Adhesion Will Be Stronger After  Printing By glass Printer.

2. How To Solve Waterproof Problem and Scratchproof Problem?

After Solving The Problems Of glass UV Printing Images Adhesion, There Is Still A Problem That Most Of Customers  Are Faced With The Images Cannot Be Waterproof. The Best Way To Solve This Problem Is That You Can Coat A Layer Of Varnish On The Completed Printing Materials. UV Varnish Cannot Only Increase The Adhesion Of Images, But It  Can Be Also Waterproof, Which Won’t Make Beautiful Images Fade Away On The Condition Of Reaction With Water. In addition, The Varnish On The Surface Of glass Materials After Printing To Directly Prevent Images From Reaction  With The Environmental Touch. On Some Problems Of Increasing Scratch Resistant Of Images, There Are Still A Lot Of Technologies Such As Printing On Double glass sheets, Which Keeps Images Between The Two Pieces Of glasses  To Protect The Images From Peeling Off Forever.

3. How to Coating on Acrylic Materials?

The glass Materials Need To Be Processed On The Surface And Ensure To Keep The Flat Surface Clean Before glass  Printer Printing. Because Our Working Environment Cannot Be Without Any Dust, So We Can Spray Some Water In The Environment To Reduce Dust In The Air Before Coating. Secondly, It Is Better To Use Professional Dust Cloth To  Wipe The Surface Of Materials, Because Professional Dust Cloth Is Much Softer And Has Strong Capacity Of Adsorption As Well As Strong Ability Of Cleaning. We Believe That The Surface glass Will Be So Clean Through These Above  Processes.

The Coating Is Suitable For glass, Organic Glass, Stalinite Glass, Glass Craft, Acrylic, Ceramic, Ceramic Tile And Crystal, Which Need Special Treatment. There Are Two Kinds Of Coating Transparent And White. Both Of Them Can Be Made Glossy Effect And Matte Effect. The Coating Always Matches With Varnish. UV Ink Adhesive Force Is Very  Important For glass UV Printing.

4. How to Purchase Acrylic Printer?

Printed glass would make any environment stunning – a hotel lobby, real estate management office, corporate  office, museum, or in the living room. If You Want To Purchase Or You Are Looking For This Kind Of glass Printer, So We Strongly Recommend That You Can Purchase Directly From glass Printer Manufacturer. MeiTu Digital Industry  Co., Ltd Suggests You Come To Visit Us To Learn More About The Performance Of glass Printer And The Most Important After-Sale Service. Glass Printer Manufactured By MeiTu Digital Industry Co., Ltd. Has Been Working On The  glass Printing Field For Many Years. So Our Technology In glass UV Printing Industry Is Quite Mature. And We Are Trying Our Best To Improve And Update The Technology To Adapt The Fast Demand Of Market. MeiTu Digital Industry  Co., Ltd. Sincerely Serves You And Establishes Business Relationship For Long-Term Cooperation With You. Please contact us for samples. They will help you understand how vibrant and crisp this really looks.


Industries Application Of MT Glass UV Flatbed Printer

The Working Efficiency And Printing Quality Of Glass UV Flatbed Printer Are Very High. It Can Be Printed On All  Kinds Of Flat, Rigid Materials and Flexible materials For Colorful UV Printing. This Production Process Can Print Whatever Things You Want With Fast Speed And High Resolution. UV digital glass printing enables photorealistic  detail to be achieved, making this approach ideal for replicating textures such as wood grains, metal meshes, marble and stone, as well as intricate vector based designs. It Is Better Instead Or Supplements The Screen Printing  Industry. UV Glass Flatbed Printer Can Print Instantly And Get It Instantly. It Has High Production Efficiency, Saving More Time And Reducing Cost. It Reaches To Requirements For All Industries of All Colorful glass Printing.

MT Glass Printer also Provides A Variety Of Solutions And Coatings For glass Printing by Different Industries.  And plenty of other creative professionals are starting to use glass printer printing images, too.

•  Professional photographers and fine-art printers are exploring glass prints as museum-quality prints, both  for gallery exhibits and as portfolios of their own work.

•  Businesses are using the process as a way to produce distinctive, lasting recognition gifts to employees or partners at a cost-effective price.

•  Architectural designers favor glass-printed photographs in stylish interiors, like hotel lobbies and elevators,  where the lightweight, damage resistant glass makes a practical, beautiful aesthetic statement.

With all these potential applications, photos printed on glass could soon be representing yet another way the  world is going paperless.