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Leather Printer
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How to print your company logos and patterns on leather products? Some years ago, people use the screen printing machine for printing on the leather, but  the process is very trouble as you need Stretching>Sizing> dry>making plate>brush ink etc.

Digital UV printing on leather products! But now, there are new technology after the development of the UV flatbed printer and UV roll to roll printer.  We named it the digital UV leather printer. As this digital UV leather printer, you just edit your picture in your computer and print on the leather directly (the computer will connect with the leather printer by the USB cable),  the printing process is very easy, UV leather printer is very suitable for custom leather printing!

Leather Printer adopts UV curing ink that will make printing process clean, environmental, low consumption and continuous production. Meanwhile, UV curing  printing product has high performance of wear resisting, hardness, solvent resistance, embossing effect and so on. It has brilliant quality beyond other printing method. 

Therefore, UV leather printer is kind of new type printing machine for modern Leather printing industry.

There are many benefits of using Leather Printer to print on the surface of leather product. Leather UV curing ink provides good printing effect and high  printing quality. Its physical nature cannot be changed during printing process, non-pollution, non-volatile solvent, stable viscosity, strong adhesive, good reproducibility and bright light ink! It is suitable for printing  delicate product on high value leather products.

Otherwise, Chemical Resistant Printing on Leather Products by digital UV leather printer. Fast & easy is a big advantage for digital UV leather printing.  And another advantage makes digital UV leather printing popular in many fields is the printing durability. 

As led UV curing ink is chemical resistance, the printing is water proof, UV proof and scratch proof. To degree digital UV leather printing will be more  durable than eco solvent leather printing. For products such as leather phone case, it is not necessary for us to make any protection layer after printing. Digital UV leather printer makes it possible to print high quality  & chemical resistant image on color based leather products. Because of the low cost to custom small quantity printing, the digital UV leather printer becomes popular among studios and manufactories.


Main Features of the UV leather printer:

There is No any pretreatment. It does not need do any pretreatment for the leather material, printing directly. So, it can keep the original leather quality.  White UV ink also for dark leather maerials, as there are white UV ink, the leather printer can print on the dark background leather materials (red leather, black leather, blue leather etc.). UV Curing ink is chemical risistance,  the printing is water proof, sun proof and scratch proof.  What’s the importance is, the max height of the UV leather printer up to 15cm, so you can print on many different leather products, such as leather phone case,  leather bag, leather shoes, leather wallet, leather jackets and so on.

1. Bright Features of Leather Printer

1. Leather printer has high resolution and low printing cost which greatly  reduces the production cost of special leather printing industry. Because leather UV printer doesn’t need film, plate making, chromatography and other complicated procedure of traditional leather printing method. Printing  cost declined a lot. The Resolution can be adjusted in the software of Leather printer. High resolution can provide high quality printouts. Different speed and resolution can save cost in different printing situation.

2. Leather Printer adopts imported original industry grade Ricoh printhead  and Epson printhead, which can print high quality picture with reality color. There are 80% UV leather printer manufacturers are using Ricoh printhead around the world. It enjoys good reputation by stable performance, high  cost performance, bright color, simple operation and maintenance. UV Leather Printer also provide bi-direction printing for high resolution and high speed to improve the leather printing production capacity!

3. There are two type of leather printer, roll to roll leather printer  and flatbed leather printer! The base of UV flatbed leather printer is basic designed by UV flatbed printer. Different size request has adopts different printing platform. UV roll to roll leather printer can print large size  leather pattern design such as the different leather printed covers for high end sliding door. There are huge market requirement on the UV leather printer.

4. UV Leather printer is suitable for batch production or small-scale  production. The feature is the units cost are same for both batch leather printing production and small-scale production. Small-scale production brings higher profit. Batch production can use specialized mould for leather  printing processing. Batch production will be more convenient if arrange the leather products printing into mould and mould can be repeated use for long time.

5. UV Leather printer is using imported UV flexible curing ink. This  UV ink can print on any kind of leather material, PVC material. It is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It also can last 3 years for outdoor and 10 years for indoor without fading problem and both without VOC!

6. Leather printer has stable performance during printing. Usually, the  hardware won’t broken unless manual improper operation. During those years, MT UV printer production technology improved which makes UV Leather printer structure more advnaced to suitable for all of leather printing manufacturers!

7. The UV leather printer has various functions and using extensive application  for fashion craft. Leather printer is a new kind of UV curing ink printing equipment in recent years. This is a new craft for special leather printing industry. It has high quality printing effect, abundant colors, transition  colors, gradient colors crafts and any design printable. It is widely used in leather sliding door, fashion design, crafts design, DIY design and other industries.

8. UV Leather printer doesn’t have limit for materials. It can print  any leather material within specified thickness. UV Leather printer overcomes the traditional printing method. It can print thick or thin leather materials that the max thickness can be up to 15cm.

9. MT UV Leather printer models equipped with differnt automatic cleaning  system. The Ricoh UV printheads can be cleaned by automatic atomizing spray system. The capping station can clean Epson UV printhead automatically according to the cleaning mode by operator! Both of those systems can prevent nozzle be clogged.

10. The UV Leather printer can adjust printing height and batch setting.  It can be adjusted printing height according to leather materials. Leather printer adopts horizontal moving and vertical printing pattern. It will keep suitable printing height after setting; it can reach perfect printing  effect. Batch production will be set automatically, which saves steps for repeated operating.



Leather Printer adopt UV curing ink for Color Based Leather Product Printing 

Recently years with the printing technology developing, there are more solutions for leather product printing. Now the UV leather printer is able to print  white ink, which makes it possible for digital printing on color based leather products. It means that we can print on black leather phone cases, red leather bags, and brown leather shoes, etc. Digital UV printing lowers the  cost to develop new products, and enables company to custom designs on leather product at low cost. 

UV Leather printing is one of the latest technologies and the benefits of printing with UV curing inks

1. Waterproof: UV curing inks are waterproof and moisture or even rain  cannot harm the colors that are printed on the leather surface. Of course, you can use it for indoors for years and years.

2. Fadeproof: Since the inks are UV-cured, no UV fading takes place.  That means that the colors remain same even if you place the print in direct sunlight. Normal leather materials prints done on a eco solvent based digital medium will not be resistant to this problem.

3. Excellent color output: UV curing inks are matte. The output is a  highly saturated and rich image.

4. Quick production: UV leather printer can print any size and any quantity  at a great speed because of it is high-end UV printing equipment. If you require leather printing or any other form of printing in bulk, you have chosen the right printer.