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Flatbed Printer
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The new generation of large format flatbed UV printer Ricoh UV printer MT-1016G uses Ricoh GH2220 grayscale print head, supporting grayscale printing technology. It also supports various white printing models that automatically cover white, print white, and color to white transitions. It can use up to 6 industrial Ricoh GH2220 print heads.  This UV flatbed printer MT-1016G printer has many advantages, such as high resolution, it can perform ultra-high precision output in 5 colors(CMYKW); convenient operation, without post-print processing, strong adaptability,  no plate making and MOQ when printing, durable workflow can adapt to various environments; high speed, using industrial grade Ricoh GH2220 print head, printing speed can reach 10m2 / h or more, low maintenance cost and low failure rate. It also features LED UV curing lamps, which  suitable for a variety of materials to speed up printing efficiency. Therefore, Ricoh UV flatbed printer MT-1016G can achieve the highest profit at the lowest cost.


16 Advantages to choosing MT LED UV Flatbed Printer!!!

Epson LED UV Flatbed Printer

1. Highly Precise Aluminium alloy Frame Structure And Printing Platform

The MT-1016G Ricoh UV flatbed printer machine body adopts all-aluminum alloy frame structure and adopts aluminum alloy  printing platform manufactured by imported processing equipment to ensure long-term stability and excellent durability of the equipment. A better structural frame and printing platform also guarantees high precision.

2. Circumfluence Protect System

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G equipped with Circumfluence Protect System. This function will automatic  stop bulk ink supply when it detects the UV ink flow back from the ink tube to negative pressure system which ensures and protects negative pressure system security!

3. Continuously Printout Function

This is a simple and time-saving features. Enter the number of copies of the item, and then press the continuous button in the software. The UV flatbed printer MT-1016G will automatically start printing without interruption in the chaotic production model.

4. Carriage Anti-Collision System

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G features a unique carriage anti-collision system that is sensitive and accurate. It can automatically stop to protect the print head in the event of any erroneous operation that can damage the UV print head and carriage. It automatically restarts printing after the media flat and smooth to  minimize print failure rates!

5. Imported Spare Parts

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G adopts imported Servo Motors, guarantee mechanical precision and long  duration working. It also provides high resolution, accurate printing position, high stabilization and longer lifetime. Otherwise, X-axis equipped with Germany-Imported IGUS Drag Chain that is ideal protection for data cables  and ink tubes under high speed printing model.

6. Printing Height Automatic Measure Detect System

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G equipped with printhead height auto-control and media thickness auto-detect  Function which can automatically appropriate adjust carriage according to the thickness of the rigid materials. It adopts Z-axis raster positioning and automatic altimeter. The automatic printhead height adjustment can increase  productivity! Therefore, this system makes printing simpler and working easier to deliver a smooth printing of various rigid materials. The workable printing material thickness is up to 75mm.

7. Sectional Vacuum Suction system

There are vacuum adsorption control function equipped the Ricoh UV flatbed printer MT-1016G; it can absorb  different printing materials by adjusting the suction area and air volume. This feature makes it easier and more efficient to print on different materials.

8. THK Mute Linear Guide Rail

The Ricoh UV flatbed printer MT-1016G adopts imported high-precision THK silent linear guide, long service  life (no maintenance for more than 10 years), high stability! It greatly reduces printing noise, only up to 40Db.

9. Dual Negative Pressure control System

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G is equipped with an independent automatic negative pressure control  system for white and color ink supply systems. It maintains pressure balance during white and color printing without the need for manual adjustments to ensure stable UV ink output!

10. Automatic Flashing Spray function

Flashing spray function can be used during the Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G working and standby, save  time, save energy, save ink and extend the life of Ricoh printhead. Because this function keeps all nozzles unobstructed continua 24 hours working and always maintains printhead clean to reduce risk of clogging!

11. The LED UV lamp Power control System

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G can provide excellent UV ink curing by adjusting the power of the  double LED lamp so that it does not deform and crack after printing, and achieve fast curing of print output and long service life.

12. White and Spot Color Option

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G can printout spot color and white optional! White and spot color printing system also provides a three-layer pattern printing simultaneous model, the white based, embossed and color covered white can be printed  simultaneously. This way makes the colors bright and vivid. In addition, it also gives the printout a solid texture, the most important thing is that it matches white and color to avoid printing errors!

13. Water-cooled LED UV Curing Lamp

MT Industry researches and develops water-cooled LED UV curing Lamp independently; we uses unique technology  and high quality accessories which greatly improves the service life and reduce energy consumption for all of our water-cooled LED UV curing lamp.

14. Intelligent Wave Printing Technology

When customers using The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G, chooses the Wave Printing from the printer software  to avoid the printing stripes and pass lines, which makes LED UV Flatbed Printing more effectively than traditional UV Printing Function.

15. Variable Ink Droplet Technology

The Ricoh GH2220 print head UV flatbed printer MT-1016G is equipped with a variable ink drop function combination,  using ink according to different printing materials, not only improve printing speed, research shows that it can save about 30% of UV curing ink, making UV print output well-bedded and exquisite!

16. Professional RIP Software Options

The Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer MT-1016G can be work with much RIP software. The RIP software can compatible  with postscript language, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand, and support TIF, JPEG, EPSPS, PDF, and DCS2.0 etc.